They might be one of the most maligned people in our country, but latest statistics released by Bureau of Police Research and Development ( BPRD) reveals that being a police personnel in India comes with its share of risk. 

The recent report points out that about 1,623 police personnel injured all across the country due to action by riotous mob in the year 2015. Of these 641 ( 39.5 % ) are from West Bengal alone. Kerala comes a distant second with 264.

According to the report there were 109,423 violent agitations across the country in 2015. The maximum number of 20,450 agitations was reported in Tamil Nadu, followed by 13,089 in Punjab.

According to the report, there have been a number of incidents of loot of firearms from police stations across the country too. 

The BPRD data also throws light on the number of agitations in which police had to open fire and the number of agitations in which police used methods other than opening fire in dealing with violent mobs.

Out of the total of 59 agitations in which police opened fire across the country in 2015, 20 took place in Manipur, followed by nine in West Bengal and four in Jammu and Kashmir. In terms of using other methods like baton charge, and use of tear gas shells, strife torn state of Jammu and Kashmir recorded 287 incidents followed by 68 in West Bengal.

All figures sourced from the website of Bureau of Police Research & Development ( 

Infographics by Rohit Jakhu