Generally, when a cop asks a driver to stop on the road, it means bad news. “Did I break a signal?”, “Was I over the speed limit?” But a video shared by traveller and video creator Anny Arun will brighten up your day.    

While Arun was on his way to Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu from Pondicherry he was stopped by a cop. First, he was baffled since he was riding his bike on a highway but then, the cop enquired if he was from Karnataka, to which Arun responds with a yes.


What happened next melted our hearts. The cop told Arun that a state bus is going ahead on the same road and one of its passengers, an old woman, dropped her bottle of medicine. The cop then asked Arun to chase the bus and deliver the medicine to the woman. 


Without thinking for a second, Arun took the medicine bottle and fired up his bike to chase the bus. Once he reached the bus, he asked the driver to stop it on the side of the road. As the bus stopped, he took out the medicine and handed it over to the woman who dropped it.     

Netizens were impressed and praised Arun and the considerate cop who stopped him. 


The video was shared both on YouTube and Arun’s Instagram handle. On YouTube, the video has already garnered more than 44K views.