If you think your verified blue badge on Twitter can’t be withdrawn by the company then you are mistaken. 

Today, Twitter briefly removed the blue verified badge from Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu’s personal Twitter account without any prior warning. (The blue tick was removed only from the personal account and not the official handle). 


In this case, an official from Twitter said that VP’s blue badge was taken away due to inactivity. The official in a statement said

The personal account of Venkaiah Naidu was inactive for six months and the blue badge has gone.

The last tweet from Venkaiah Naidu’s personal account dates back to July 23, 2020. So, you could say the account has been inactive for almost a year. 

While some people on social media demanded the restoration of the blue tick, others shared screenshots of accounts that have been inactive but still have a blue tick. 

The blue tick on VP’s personal account was restored after Twitter faced massive backlash for their action. 

So, when does Twitter remove a blue tick? 

According to Twitter’s policy, the company itself has the sole power to remove a blue verified badge and verified status of any account without prior notice or warning. 

It has the right to do so when an account changes its username (@handle), becomes inactive or incomplete, or if the owner of the account is no longer in the position for which they were initially verified and does not meet criteria for verification since leaving such position.


Twitter can also remove the blue verified badge if an account is found to be in severe or repeated violation of the Twitter Rules such as abusive behavior, glorification of violence etc. 

Click here to see Twitter’s policies.