If we all thought that life could potentially go back to normal within a couple of months, this Harvard study states otherwise. Social distancing is undoubtedly the need of the hour but experts believe that it will still be very much needed till at least 2022. 


The reason stated for such a prolonged period of social distancing is mainly to reduce the burden on healthcare systems across the globe. 

The study aiming to model the trajectory of the pandemic conducted by Harvard scientists states that “intermittent distancing may be required into 2022 unless critical care capacity is increased substantially or a treatment or vaccine becomes available.” 


Since it is projected that the majority of the human population will eventually be infected by Covid-19, there will be a huge demand for hospital beds and doctors. It is sad news that in this case, the demand is no where close to the supply. 


We already have a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and if almost 70% of the population will have coronavirus, it is important to take action now. We have to be prepared for the time where hospitals will not be able to accommodate patients. 

Not only patients who have Covid-19 but patients suffering from any other possible illnesses as well. This will also lead to an increase in the number of avoidable deaths.  


Practicing social distancing vigorously till at least 2022 will help in reducing the number of positive cases and will also help healthcare providers to cope up with the heightened number of cases. Just by simply staying at home, we can continue to save lives. 


Therefore, we have to train our minds from now itself to adjust to the new normal because this will certainly prevail for years to come.