Time to snoop a little! WikiLeaks just published some hacked files that reveal that President Barack Obama’s email address, just before he secured the US presidency, was bobama@ameritech.net.

In case you are feeling a little itch to bombard POTUS’ inbox, you should know that the address has now been disabled and your emails will simply bounce back. 

The tweet clearly says that it’s the first batch, so very soon Wikileaks might dump more of Obama’s private conversations. All this leak has come out through files stolen from Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, reported CNBC

Podesta also previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

The email address listed — bobama@ameritech.net — is from the period immediately before Obama’s November 2008 election as president. Interestingly, a reply from Obama included a signature that noted it was sent from his AT&T BlackBerry.

As Obama was on the verge of winning his historic White House bid, the information through emails suggest he was assembling a transition team. The hacked emails show how a confident Obama team was focused on setting up the new administration well before the election results. 

The site published seven messages which largely focus on how Obama needed to pull up his socks even before his term began and a discussion on important diplomatic decisions.

On one hand, all this hurried preparedness to get in on the action even before the declaration of results demonstrates effectiveness of the Obama team. But on the other hand, it also reeks of rigged elections as the emails make it clear that it was known that Obama was going to be the president.

As of now, the emails’ authenticity has not been confirmed. Meanwhile the Clinton campaign has also not confirmed that the emails released by WikiLeaks are legitimate documents, says a CNN report.