Poor, WikiLeaks! It just found out the hard way how creatively inspired Indians can get. On Tuesday, the official @WikiLeaks Twitter handle tweeted out that the following disclaimer:

We are guessing WikiLeaks didn’t take too kindly to the kind of news being shared by @WikiLeaks4India ‘s Twitter handle which describes itself as ‘A healthy transparent, inquisitive journalistic media plays a vital role in democracy. The motive of #WikiLeaks4India is to revive journalism in India.’

Madan Mohit Bhardwaj, Co-founder of Wikileaks4India, got in touch with ScoopWhoop to state their version of the story.

“Wikileaks4india is a entity of doc out media pvt ltd. We have got all the legal rights to use our portal. As far as Wikileaks entity of sunshine press tweets (are) concerned our legal team is preparing a notice for them. We, again, clarify we have nothing to do with Wikileaks and Assange. Before the tweet we categorically mentioned that we both are different organizations ,” Bharadwaj said in a statement. Here are a few of the not-so-memorable tweets on WikiLeaks4India’s Twitter feed though:

We believe this tweet from the handle deserves the zilch RTs it currently has:

For more such gems, follow #WikiLeaks4India . At your own peril, of course. We wonder what Edward Snowden, who joined Twitter recently , would have to say?