A few days ago, Wikipedia removed an article on their page about the Tablighi Jamaat. Now, this offended some people, particularly Twitter user @nickiminachhh, who accused the website of corrupt practices and receiving money for removing said article. 

Unfortunately for her, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales actually responded to the allegations. He starts off by denying said allegations and asking her to redirect to the page that has the reasons behind the deletion. 

This quickly escalated to a situation where Wales had to explain how Wikipedia functions. 

@nickiminachhh then proceeded to tell him that she was going to post it again, which did not sit well with Wales, who said the first article was poorly written and had zero sources, 

This actually goes on for quite some time where two Indians try to explain to the founder of Wikipedia, how Wikipedia works.  


Here we go: 

Then, in a now-deleted tweet, someone tells him about Wikipedia articles not having any sources! To which, he very politely replies by asking her if she was under the influence.


You can read the whole thread here.

Anyhow, the article has now been restored but with multiple sources, it seems.