While you may be doomscrolling cliché Instagram reels of the viral Qala album, there are content creators on TikTok who’re overflowing with creativity. Quite literally!

We stumbled upon this wild, wild TikTok on Twitter shared by @weezerfan100, and we’re stunned. The reel seems to be an original version of Tom and Jerry, except there are multiple Toms, and Jerry drags them all into playing Holi.

Don’t believe me? Look for youself.


This one-minute forty-second-long TikTok reel gave me the adrenaline rush I never wanted. The guy in the lead tries to draw humour in chaos, only to make viewers go dafuq.

Twitter users are also supremely confused with this WTAF reel. Here’s how people are reacting.

Apparently, the video was posted from a Thai handle, @junliu7622, on TikTok, but desis think it’s definitely Indian.


If this ain’t the true multiverse of madness, then what is?

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