Sitting at home for almost two weeks now, we have all be wondering if the lockdown would be lifted on the scheduled date and we would all go back to our daily lives. 

India Today

Unfortunately, India is seeing a rise in coronavirus infection each day. In the wake of that, some experts believe that the lockdown could be extended by weeks, even months. 

Rajesh Tope, the health minister of Maharashtra state, spoke to Reuters about the extension and said: 

If people don’t obey the rules seriously and cases continue to rise, then there may be no option but to extend the lockdown… It could be extended in Mumbai and urban areas of Maharashtra by two weeks.

According to reporters, the federal government has plans to review the lockdown and three senior officials, who spoke to reporters said that the possible extension would depend on an assessment of the situation in each individual state and lockdown would continue in regions where the spread has continued. 


Meanwhile, according to a new study by American consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the lockdown could be extended till the middle of September, News18 reported. 

The study claimed that the delay in the lifting of the restrictions could be a consequence of the lack of preparation of the country’s healthcare sector and ‘the record of public policy effectiveness’. 


According to Moneycontrol, India will most likely begin to lift the lockdown only between the fourth week of June and the second week of September.

Anyhow, lockdown or not, we must stay inside to keep ourselves and everybody else around us safe.