Winter is coming and Delhi is waiting for ‘the muffler’ to come out of the closet. As the capital gears up for its toughest winter re-election yet, the banter over Twitter quickly switched to, “So why wasn’t Arvind Kejriwal sporting his iconic muffler at the AAP Delhi Dialogue stage?”

A lot of people seemed to notice the lack of warmth felt by the missing famous muffler of India and decided to tweet about it.

Here are the results of a quick Twitter investigation.

The ones who think ‘no muffler’ is in

A few doubted the arrival of Kejriwal’s “mufflerman” avatar this time on. We doubt that possibility, considering Delhi winter.

‘The Mufflerman Returns’ – releasing soon

Some kept faith that their muffler clad hero would return to the throne of Delhi again to finish what he started. The Dark Knight returned, Krrish returned too (albeit unfortunately), so why not #Mufflerman?

Did AAP miss the joke?

AAP’s official Twitter account too, decided to endorse the #mufflerman evolution by tweeting it. *Snigger*

The re-imagined muffler

The force seemed to be strong with “Mufflerman” with supporters flocking in to express solidarity.

Some took the “ Yeh muffler nahi faansi ke faanda hain ” route to reiterate their conviction that corruption would be fought and justice will be served.

Others painted it as a woolly knot of solidarity.

There were calls for ‘poetic’ justice too. Yes it rhymes.

Everyone was convinced that Swaraj would come powered by the folds of a muffler. If Kejriwal were to return to power this time, we certainly hope it lasts more than 49 days.

Bird, plane, Hollow Man? No it’s Mufflerman. See what they did there?

The Opposition tugs at his muffler

The resistance too was ready with their cup of salt, largely citing the AAP’s debacle in the Lok Sabha. If only Kejriwal had his muffler with him maybe he could have roped it in.

Some questioned Kejriwal’s capacity to use his muffler. But surely, he wouldn’t misuse the muffler’s powers to keep out the cold? The righteous muffler is meant to fight corruption.

And then there was this

Irrespective of whoever comes to power we sincerely hope ridiculous Photoshop attempts like these are dealt with strongly.

Here’s what we think

In a recent interview, Arvind Kejriwal accused the BJP of trying to confuse the voters by putting up independent candidates with torch symbols similar to AAP’s broom. Given his mistrust of the voters with decoding party symbols, the muffler fiasco can prove to be a complication with potential voters looking for a muffler sign in the polling booth.BJP seems to be already leading the symbol game by tactfully introducing the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. AAP volunteers, please use your jhadoo s carefully.