Right now, New Zealand is the best place to live on this planet. Try changing my mind. Uh, you can’t!

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First of all, its the only country that had managed to get the number of COVID-19 patients to zero. 


And then, they opened their international borders and some patients flew in. But kudos to them, unlike most world leaders and the countries they rule, the Kiwis aren’t being racist arseholes about it. 


See, that’s because they’ve got universal public healthcare or a version of it and it bloody works. Even those who hold a work visa valid for 2+ years, benefit from a government-subsidised public health system that is free or low cost.

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Of course, accidents and emergencies are free – just dial 111. See, I told you, you can’t be as nice as Kane Williamson unless you have free healthcare!

Now, they have a great education system. The OECD  had named New Zealand as a ‘top-performing country in terms of the quality of its education system’. Of 32 developed countries surveyed in the OECD’s 2013 Better Life index, New Zealand had spent the highest percentage of public expenditure on education.

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BTW, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote (September 1893). So Jacinda Ardern being the 3rd female Prime Minister of New Zealand shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are pretty far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of gender equality. 

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New Zealand is still the only country to have its top three positions of power held by women. In 2006, the Prime Minister, the Governor General and the Chief Justice were all women.

Oh, and if you are Indian, then you have seen enough people today itself to be fine with not seeing anybody for the rest of your life. Well, in that case, NZ is the perfect fit. Only 5% of it’s population are human (the rest are animals)!

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The Maori, NZ’s original residents have only been here for about 800 years. Most of the population is of (relatively recent) European descent. While the country still bears the scars of colonisation, it isn’t seen as racist as other places, which is evident by the presence of multiple cultures. 


Also, unlike Australia, because of its remote location and tectonic evolution, the island nation has no poisonous spiders, no snakes, no killer jellyfish or other deadly insects/animals.

However, Kiwis experience around 14,000 quakes every year, although only about 100-150 of them can be felt by normal humans. NZ is a hotbed of tectonic activity. The Pacific Ring of Fire is home to the majority of Earth’s volcanoes and earthquakes, and the island sits right on top of it. 

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But it also means that the island is beautiful, o matter where you look. I mean, if there were a beauty pageant for countries, the Kiwis would be declared the eternal winners. About one-third of the coutry is made up of protected national parks.

It is said that  in NZ, it’s also possible to have ‘four seasons in one day’.

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The only problem you will be facing is the sun, NZ sits directly under a hole in the Ozone layer. So wear a sun lotion, I guess. 

And if you’re a fan of Lord of The Rings, you don’t even need to read his article, do you? You know where the beautiful Shire is. So stop reading. You’re already convinced. 

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Now, the grass is always greener on the other side and obviously do not understand the internal politics that rule the country but from this side, that grass looks as green as green get. So…