At a time when the entire country is under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, most of the people have asked their househelps to skip work.

For those who haven't, police officials responsible for making lockdown a success are not allowing maids to go to work keeping in mind the spread of the disease. A video of a woman arguing with the security guards of her society for not letting her maid in, is going viral on the internet.

From the video, it is clear that the woman had gone out to pick her maid amid lockdown. When she returned, the security guards denied her entry, saying that maids aren't allowed.

She gets on arguing with the guards and says:

Meri maid to paise denge kya RWA wale 22 se 31 tareekh tak? Main nahi dungi isko tankhwah. Aap doge kya?

Netizens are calling out the woman for her arrogance and disrespecting the rules of the society.

In this time of pandemic and crisis, while on one side people are pledging to not deduct their maids' salaries, there are others who are showing arrogance and making them work despite all the risks.