Finding out about your partner cheating on you from somebody else is heartbreaking but, finding out from a Fitbit is just as devastating. 

At least, this is how American sports correspondent Jane Slater found out that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her.

Jane revealed that she discovered her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her when there was an unexpected spike in his Fitbit activity at 4 AM which was quite unusual. 

Well, at least the Fitbit Jane received from her ex as a Christmas present came in handy, which ultimately led to the downfall of their entire relationship. Wondering, how Jane caught him cheating?

Just like some couples, they both synced up their Fitbits to keep each other motivated in theory fitness journey but she caught her ex red-handed one night, when she noticed some suspicious activity on the app.

Jane’s tweet went viral on social media and many people came out in support of her. Some were furious while others could relate to all the distress she went through. 

Okay, then. Who knew devices could be this useful?