We are all required to wear face masks when we go out or risk getting contaminated or contaminating healthy people with the coronavirus. The mask protects your mouth and your nose, so in case you cough and sneeze, the droplets stay inside and achieve the purpose it was made for. 

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That's the general idea of a face mask! But since normal rules don't apply to Americans, a Kentucky woman, (we can call her Karen), cut holes in the mask to expose her nose and mouth because she found it difficult to breathe! 

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She was captured in a video that was later shared on TikTok by Joe Gotti, a store clerk who asked her about the place she bought that mask from. 

The video has collected over 5 million views on the video-sharing application. It has gone viral across social media platforms. Which means Twitter had a bit of say about all of this. 

Now then, remember, just because the West is doing it, doesn't mean it's right. Don't be like her!