Do you know what annoys me? Seeing my mother work day and night at home, without getting any credit in return. Do you know what annoys me more? That even she doesn’t give any credit to herself. 

Which is the case with so many homemakers around the world. They confuse unacknowledged work with ‘duty’ and of course, no one calls them out because that’s going to make things too inconvinient for them. 

That is where the woman, who goes by the name Miss Potkin on Twitter, steps in. In a bid to make her family realise the importance of household work, she decided not to do it. 

Straight up, she said she will not wash the dishes, not empty the bins, not tidy things up in the house, not change the toilet rolls. None of that. And the result?

People started eating bagels, resorted to using baby spoons to make tea, some even tried to clean half-heartedly and then gave up.

But then, this happened:

The family learned the lesson. Finally. Sort of.

This is such an important exercise for homemakers everywhere. Just quit. Would you not quit your job if you weren’t paid and people took you for granted on top of that? You would. In fact, you wouldn’t join in the first place. Why should house work be treated any differently. 

As this woman rightly puts:

Love is fucking tired. Statement of the century!