The incident happened on Tuesday, when Ramlal Pal and his wife Sudevi boarded a local train from Kalyan to go to KEM hospital which is in Parel. As the train reached Bhandup, Sudevi, unable to bear the labour pains, started crying out aloud.

A man along with his nine-months pregnant wife took a local train to visit a hospital. But before they could reach the hospital, the woman delivered in the train itself.

She proceeded to deliver inside the train compartment with the umbilical chord still attached to the baby. Quite shockingly, her cries for help went unheard as no co-passenger came forward to help.

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However, Iqbal Ansari, a reporter working for an Urdu newspaper played the righteous role of a samaritan. He first called the railways helpline number (1276), which was unreachable. He then tried the second number 9833331111, where the attendant asked him about the location, train timings and next possible station where help could be arranged.

“The train had left Bhandup, so they asked me to pull the chain at Kanjurmarg station. As soon as the train entered the station, I pulled the chain and within a few moments, railway porters, along with the stationmaster, reached the compartment with stretchers,” said Ansari as reported by the Mid Day . The baby and the mother were finally taken to Rajawadi hospital for treatment.

“I am eternally thankful to Ansari, who came to help us in the moment of need while everybody else was just watching us. By God’s grace, both the mother and baby are perfectly fine. I’ll never forget what Ansari did for our family,” said Ramlal to Mid Day .

Ansari, on the other hand, expressed happiness over the birth of the baby boy and said that he only did the responsibilities of a human being.

At the time when everyone present in the train showed their insensitive attitude towards a fellow human being in distress, Ansari’s simple yet praiseworthy efforts deserve appreciation.