There is no shortage of talent in India. We keep discovering something new every day. Thanks to the internet, we get to watch things these talented people do. 

Meet Krishna Kanwar Gehlot, who is going viral for her extraordinary dance moves on rollerblades. What fascinates me more is she is wearing a typical Rajasthani attire called Poshaak and still making it look so beautiful & comfortable. 

I have already watched the video on repeat. I mean, it’s not easy to wear a heavy lehenga choli and still dance so well on rollerblades. Have a look. 

Krishna is a professional speed skater. She holds numerous records, including Guinness Book of World Records, India Book Record, and Asia Book Record.

People are totally loving her performance as the comment is filled with so much praise. 

The performance is from a Jaipur event. Indeed, it is a treat to watch such talented people.