While my younger siblings can’t even move their lazy butt to fetch me a glass of water, this U.S based woman dressed up like a grassy bush to shoot her sister’s proposal. 


Therese decided to be the undercover paparazzi for her sister Rachel’s proposal. She camouflaged and squatted for god knows how long to get candid pictures of Andrew– the fiance going down on one knee and proposing. 


Her dedicated under-cover photo-op is giving us major maid of honour goals. 

The lengths that Therese Merkel a.k.a the undercover grassy bush was willing to go just to candidly capture her elder sister Rachel’s special moment was literally EVERYTHING.  


And after her sister said ‘yes’, she blew her own cover in excitement. Therese told Daily Mail

I revealed my organic-looking self by screaming ‘She said yes’. Rachel was very confused and I was legit crying tears of joy because of how special the whole event was.

Netizens broke out in a tagging spree on Therese’s tweet. Literally everyone was tagging their best friends and siblings to follow this innovative idea.   

BRB, kicking my stupid sibling’s butt for not being this awesome while buttering them a little to do the same.