That’s what Marsha Widener said as she dumped her abusive husband’s ashes in a trash can. 

We are sending him back to the landfill today.

And she recorded the whole thing to put up a YouTube video about it.

YouTube/Marsha Widener

The death of someone close is the most traumatic thing to happen to anyone, but for Marsha, it was a reason to celebrate.

YouTube/Marsha Widener

As she was dumping the ashes, she went on to say that it was for all the trouble he gave her children, his parents and herself.

His family don’t want him, his brother doesn’t want him around, his kids don’t want him, actually, they want him to go in the gutter or the toilet.
YouTube/Marsha Widener

She went on to tell how he used to hit her, before throwing some ash on the ground and leveling it with her feet.

This is for all the times he kicked me in the head. Yup, he put my head through a window.

“Adios amigo,” she says before ending the video. 

No one misses a abuser. No one.