Imagine having a whole plane to yourself. That would be awesome, right?

Screw leg space. You could skate inside that thing!

Yeah, NO! Not when you’re all by yourself in a dark and empty plane that also happens to be locked.


This happened to a woman named Tiffani Adams on an Air Canada flight to Toronto. She had slept off and woke up several hours later on a dark, empty and locked up aircraft at Toronto International Airport.

I wake up around midnight (few hours after flight landed) freezing cold still strapped in my seat in complete darkness (I’m talking pitch black) as someone with an anxiety disorder as is I can tell you how terrifying this was…I think I’m having a bad dream bc like seriously how is this happening!

What’s worse was that her phone was out of battery and she couldn’t even call anyone for help. 

Luckily, she found a torch in the plane’s cockpit and eventually made her way to the aircraft’s main door.

After opening the door she found herself about 50 ft above ground and understood that she won’t be able to make the jump. 


So, she had no choice but to sit on the edge and make distress signals with the torch. Which is when an airport employee found her and escorted her back to safety. 


Alright then. I am never sleeping on a plane, ever again.