Among the many rejections we deal with in our lives- the job rejections one hits differently. You can’t deny how scary the whole process is. Nonetheless, like everything else, a meme can literally solve everything in our lives, even job rejections! 

A woman just landed a job interview after she replied to the rejection mail with a meme. Okay, firstly, gutsy move. Now let’s find out what happens next.  

In a TikTok video, a user named @swedishswan shared how she took a lesson from Gen Z and replied to the company’s initial rejection email with a meme. 

I just got another rejection letter from a job I applied for and I really wanted this job. So I took a lesson from Gen Z and I sent them back this.

She sent a famous painting of Pope Leo X by Colombian artist Fernando Botero with the caption “y tho” written underneath the pope’s face.

However, this crafty response worked for her as she further shared they wanted to interview her:

Anyway, it worked. They sent me another email saying that they do in fact now want to interview me. I can’t believe that worked.

Clearly, a meme is a solution for everything in our lives. 

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