Secret Santa has become a compulsory part of Christmas traditions around the world and there’s even an online version of it on Reddit,  RedditGifts Secret Santa Exchange.

Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates also participates in it every year and other participants eagerly wait to get him as their Secret Santa.

This year, the lucky person was Shelby from the US, who received gifts weighing 37 kg from her Secret Santa.


The gifts included books, a Harry Potter Santa hat, a giant Hogwarts castle and a R2D2 puzzle.

She also got a pair of elaborate Lego building sets and a bound manuscript of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby with scans of the author’s handwritten notes as he was writing the novel.


Among all the gifts, Bill Gates also made a donation in her late mother’s memory to the American Heart Association. Her mother had passed away in March this year, just 10 days before her wedding.

In conversation with MarketWatch, she said:

I always thought it would be super cool to be matched with him some day, but I never really would have expected this to happen to me.

She further revealed that most of the gifts that she received were her favourites.

Bill really did his research. As for everything else, they are 100% what I would have bought for myself.

Bill Gates also sent her a letter along with all the gifts. It read:

I know no gift will ever make up for losing someone so important to you. I was very sorry to hear about your mom and I’ve made a donation to the American Heart Association in her memory. I hope you and your family find your new normal this holiday season.

As per her conversation with MarketWatch, the gesture of making a donation in the name of her late mother was the most meaningful gift for her and she wants to continue participating in the Reddit gift exchange in future also.

You can see her with all the gifts in this video.