Whenever a person goes missing, it’s naturally a scary situation. And everyone knows that it’s in the initial hours that you have the highest chance of finding the missing person. But what happens if you’re looking for a ‘missing person’, who happens to be you?

Confused? Well, so were the group of tourists who spent hours searching for a missing woman, who ended up being a part of the search party. No, we’re not making this up. Twitter user Sarah Pinborough shared this ‘mysterious’ news: 

A tourist went ‘missing’ on Saturday night, near Iceland’s Eldgja Canyon. The rest of the tourist group then spent hours looking for her. However, the woman in question had changed her clothes and failed to recognize herself when the description of the missing woman was being circulated. 

http://www.rpmrt.org.uk (Representational Photo)

Consequently, she joined the search party and started looking out… for her own self.

However, after a few hours, it became clear that the missing woman had indeed been found in the search party itself and the search was finally called off. 

People on Twitter were quick to ‘find’ the humor in this unique situation: 

While we’re happy that no person actually went missing, we can’t help but wonder, that must have been one hell of a bus ride back home!