In an extremely shocking incident, a woman in East China started dancing on the road after mowing down a pedestrian with her car. 

The incident happened on August 10, in Zoucheng, east China’s Shandong province when she hit and drove over a pedestrian before crashing into another car and coming to a halt.

However, after the accident, she came out of the car and started dancing instead of helping the victim. The disturbing act was caught on camera by onlookers and the video is being shared on social media, reports People’s Daily Online.

Here is the video: (Viewer’s discretion strongly recommended)

The victim died on his way to the hospital. Police reports say the suspect, who has not been named, is a local fortune teller and has been arrested for the killing. They also suspect that the woman may have been faking a mental illness to avoid punishment, reports Mirror.

It is notable that China, where two lakh people die due to ‘road accidents’, has bizarre road compensation laws which follow the “it is better to hit and kill than to hit and injure” policy. 

It means, if a person injures someone in an accident, they have to pay compensation for the rest of the victim’s life, while the compensation is a one-time affair in the event of the victim’s death. So drivers simply opt for the second option which clearly comes cheaper.

(Feature image source: YouTube| People’s Daily China)