Note: In no way does this article encourage or promote horse riding as it is known to be a form of animal abuse.

Monalisa Bhadra, a homemaker from Odisha’s Jajpur district is breaking stereotypes and setting an example for women who are often told ‘how to behave’ by society. 

She has created quite a buzz on social media after a video of her riding a horse in a saree went viral.

She is a YouTuber with over 2.29 million subscribers and she has also made videos of herself riding a bullet, ploughing the field with a tractor, and even driving trucks and Volvo buses. And, she does it all wearing a saree. 

In a country like ours where women are often discouraged to follow their dreams and passion or to even have a job after marriage, Monalisa is showing us the way forward and we couldn’t be happier.

All thanks to her husband Badri Narayan Bhadra, Monalisa started her own YouTube channel in May 2016 and her fan following has been growing ever since. Now, she earns around 1.5 lakhs just by uploading videos on YouTube. 

It’s not just YouTube though, her videos have been circulated on Twitter as well. 

Here’s what netizens have to say about her. 

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We are impressed! Are you?