Cases of women being sexually harassed in public transport aren’t unheard of. But there is still a huge lack of information regarding the process that needs to be followed if one ends up in such a situation.

This Twitter user was molested in a Shatabdi and she has shared a detailed version of her ordeal so that women can know how to deal with unfortunate incidents like these. It’s great people out there want to help and it’s also extremely sad why we need to know this.

First of all, she points out the most important thing about who has the highest level authority in a train. She also adds how important it is to immediately react and let others around you know that such a thing has taken place. Witnesses are extremely vital to a scenario like this one.

Another thing that she calls of utmost importance is to write everything down. 

She also points out that every railway station has a police station — a very important piece of information.

Under no circumstances, should you leave the police station without filing an FIR.

In such cases in our country, we can face unfortunate officials who are capable of refusing to file an FIR. In case, something of the sort happens, do not panic.

You could be asked to drop the charges but do not lose your ground.

She also mentions how your loved ones should be kept in the loop at all times.

She also clears out all myths and misconceptions regarding the legal process because that is when most people back out from taking action.

She adds how the opposing counsel will try to ‘settle’ but you have the power to say no.

She also explains the legal process once the case goes to court. 

And goes back to the moment when she mentioned why it was important to document everything in writing.

Honestly, this was way more helpful than any other piece of advice that gets thrown our way every now and then. Women should know their rights and never hesitate to take charge of their own situations.