Sexism is such an ingrained part of our culture that women often tend to overlook it. From our homes to our workplaces, we are judged and criticised about everything we do and say, not just by men but women too.

The striking thing about sexist quotes is there is absolutely no truth in them. People are just too quick to judge and create stereotypes, without thinking twice.

Here’s a list of sexist things women hear on a daily basis that are completely unsubstantiated:

1. “A woman looks good in a car only when she’s in the passenger’s seat.”

According to statistics, women are safer drivers than men. Women take the wheel better than you think they can.


2. “Women can’t handle alcohol.”

Have you not seen a drunk man creating a commotion in public?


3. “There are two types of girls: virgins and sluts.”

Because of course our talent, personality and achievements lie in our vaginas.


4. “Sports isn’t a wise career option for women .

Mary Kom. Saina Nehwal. Sania Mirza.


5. “All girls love pink, rom-coms and makeup.”

Just like all men fancy two-timing, leching and being egoistic.


6. “Cooking comes naturally to women.”

Like any other activity, cooking needs to be learnt. Women have to put in as much effort as men for it.


7. “Women don’t have to work hard. Things come easily to them because they have assets .”

You’d be right if by assets you mean grey cells and determination.


8. “If a woman is angry for no reason, she’s PMSing.”

We are irritable when we are on our periods. But when we are pissed at you otherwise, it is because you are being inconsiderate.


9. “A girl is a girl’s biggest enemy.”

Have you heard of soul-sisters?


10. “Girls wearing short clothes are asking for it.”



Sorry to break it to you, but there’s a lot more to us than our breasts and vaginas.