India is a land of diversity. We are a mix of different castes, communities and religions. And while we may call ourselves modern and developed certain words that we use are filled with cateism.

Here are a few examples.

Offensive use: You look like a bhangi.

Offensive use: Kya maharo jaisi harkatein kar raha hai.

Offensive use in a TV commercial: Chaunk gaye dhobi master?

Offensive use: Kya chamar jaise kapde pehne hai.

Offensive use: Tum Harijan basti mein rehte ho?

Offensive use: You chuhra.

Offensive use: Maine tujhse zyada kameena insan nahi dekha.

Offensive use: Kanjaro jaise kyun lad rahe ho?

Offensive use: Aurat hai ya chandaal?

Offensive use: Why are you behaving like a kasai?

Offensive use: Why are you eating like a jungli?

Offensive use: What a pariah!

Offensive use: Bhand ki jaise kyun naach rahi hai?

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Many more words are used across India that we are probably not aware of. This is an attempt towards learning about such words and avoiding to use them in everyday conversations.