A recent video of a traffic police woman working on her job, with her child in her arms has gone viral. 

And while some people on Twitter are applauding her dedication to her job. We have just one question – Why do we glorify this and shouldn’t this be discouraged?

Shouldn’t they have good access to daycare so they don’t have to work this way? Shouldn’t a policewoman be given the same opportunities as a policeman? To do their job with dedication and equal opportunities?

We don’t need to encourage a policewoman risking her job with her child in her arms, simply because she wants to perform her duty. She should have the appropriate daycare facilities and help needed to carry on (just the way a man would) from maybe her family or workplace. 

While we applaud her dedication to her job, we can’t help worry over the circumstances that forced her to do so. Is it right that we expect this from working mothers? And more often than not, applaud them for it?