If you’re someone who can’t resist the yummy, gooey, absolute goodness of Nutella, then you might want to stock up on those jars. 

Because the world’s biggest Nutella factory is currently at a standstill as it faces protests from its workers over salary negotiations. 


As per reports, the factory site in Villers-Ecalles in Normandy produces 600,000 jars daily – which essentially makes up a quarter of the world’s total production of Nutella. 


However, for over a week, workers and the Workers’ Force union have staged protests and barred trucks from entering or exiting the factory. The protestors are demanding salary hikes and better working conditions, especially in light of the rising living costs. 


Though the company is threatening to take action against workers for blocking their operations, no concrete measures have been taken as of now. If the protests continue till the next negotiation meeting  – which is on June 13 – then we could be looking at no-nutella summers. 


While the factory is struggling to manage productions with the fast depleting raw material, Twitterati is struggling to accept a future where there may not be Nutella

Here’s hoping this Nutella-war ends with a sweet solution for all involved.