The scientists at Tel Aviv University have discovered a way to 3-D print an entire human heart replete with blood vessels, ventricles, and chambers.


On Monday, it was reported that lead scientists- Prof. Tal Dvir and Dr. Assaf Shapira of TAU, and Nadav Noor, a doctoral student- have achieved this miracle.

The heart is made of personalised ‘ink’ comprised of collagen, a protein that supports the cell structures, and other biological molecules.


As of now, the heart is of a rabbit’s size and doesn’t actually work. The scientists have reported that they need to develop the printing heart further-

The cells need to form a pumping ability; they can currently contract, but we need them to work together. Our hope is that we will succeed and prove our method’s efficacy and usefulness.

The next step is to develop this heart, mature it and make it function like an actual heart.

Prof. Dvir hopes that this technology could one day be used for actual transplant and people won’t have to wait around for organ donations.

Watch the video here-