If you are a grape fan, you may want to know that Japan cultivates the world’s most expensive grapes. Ruby Roman grapes from Japan are the world’s most expensive. Each piece can cost you around 35000. Here’s why. 

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These grapes are only grown in Japan by the union of local farmers and the Ishikawa government. Ruby grapes are luxury, as a bunch of them are sold at a whopping price of $90 to $450.

What makes them so expensive is their exceptional quality. They are evaluated based on three qualities, their uniform color, size, and taste, all of which impact the final value.

The taste of these luxury grapes is uniquely sweet, and they are very juicy. They are harvested in July, just in time for the Japanese holidays. 


Ruby grapes are not just like your regular grapes. As you see, the size of each grape is four times the size of your regular grapes. Each grape weighs around 20 grams and contains over 18% sugar.

You will not find such a variety of grapes anywhere in the world that is so large and red. They are so rare in nature that only 24,000 bunches of Ruby Romans are cultivated each year.

In Japan, fruits are considered a luxury. They won’t sell you fruits that have blemishes or even aren’t in the right shape.  

The Ishikawa administration checks each bunch thoroughly before it’s sold to guarantee its quality and famous ruby red colour. A certification seal is also attached to all the grapes.

In the year 2020, just one bunch of the Ruby grapes were sold at an auction for around 12,000 USD that is 8,83,629.60 Indian Rupee.  Making just a single grape being priced at around 400 dollars.

Ruby Roman grapes cost Rs 7,50,000 in India, which makes the price of a single grape around Rs 35,000.

Will you try these grapes?