Even though the lockdown has been lifted in the country, most people are choosing to stay at home, doing the household chores on their own. 

 Which makes me ask an important question: Do dishes multiply in the sink? 

Because right now my life seems like an Instagram boomerang where I just keep washing them.

Truly, there is no logic to this. 

You use 2 spoons and 3 plates for lunch but by the evening, somehow there are 3 glasses in there, 2 forks, a wooden spatula, neighbour’s cooker and lid of the blender that you don’t own.

The sink is always full.

No matter how good you are at planning household chores, this is one thing that never ends. 

Make breakfast – wash dishes – make lunch – wash dishes – make snacks – wash dishes – make dinner -wash dishes.

That’s STILL not enough.

Make A Gif

There will always be one glass that you miss and you will go oh well, I will wash it later. When that ‘later’ comes, though, there will be 5 such glasses.

I seriously think sometimes, do I have a problem of using too many utensils? 

Do I use stuff absent-mindedly? 

Do I drop things in the sink, only to find them out later while washing?

Does this mean I could be a kleptomaniac too?  

See, I am questioning my sanity, and this is not the best time to do that.

You know what, though? Like loyal companions, bartan keep waiting for me at all times. 

And in this lockdown when I am so lonely, that kinda feels heartwarming. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will go and wash my dishes and the ones they have procreated in last 12 hours. A pruney-hand goodbye to all.