Alright, we all know the sub standard over the top reporting style of Hindi news channels. But this collection of Breaking News screen grabs are in a different league altogether.

1: Atleast we’ll have something in common.

2: Read the bottom ticker tape. No wonder we won.

3: Dafuq?

4: We really can’t follow these sequence of events. Can you?

5: Alright. You got confused. We get it.

6: That’s just wrong at so many levels.

7: They better put escalators there. Otherwise it’ll be one long climb.

8: Hai Hai.

9: Good they told us. National tragedy avoided.

10: What happend to the driver?

11: I dont know. You tell me!

12: Don’t we all like to move it move it.

13: So who are the other 18?

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