Everyday when you open a news website or read the newspaper, you are bound to read news that will disappoint you, make you angry or even sad. Such is the way of life. But then there are moments and events that come along and help you deflect from all things serious. We can’t guarantee if these will help turn that frown upside down, but it will definitely bring a ‘WTF?’ expression to your face.

I mean these stories need coverage for their sheer stupidity or bizarre nature. Here are 11 of the most weird happenings of the week gone by, from around the world. Enjoy!

1. Pakistani father of 35 wants to reach a century, is in search of 4th wife.

The 46-year-old medical technician from Quetta, Pakistan, is off by 65 as of now. He did however say that his first three wives support his goals. Apparently, a few of his children also feel ‘the more the merrier’ is the right way to go. Sardar Jan Mohammad Khilji, who believes it is his religious duty to have as many kids as possible, is now on the lookout for a 4th wife. Warning to the ladies: This is one swayamvar you wouldn’t want to go to.


2. 5-year-old student gifts her teacher a Mercedes for helping her get through Kindergarten.

Teaching is an honourable profession. Sometimes, so much so that it may earn you a luxury car. Noor Al Faris lost her mother recently, and her teacher Miss Nadia helped her recover from the phase. So Noor’s father decided to gift the teacher a Mercedes on behalf of his 5-year-old. 


3. Shepherd falls asleep, leading to huge sheep invasion in a Spanish city.

The peaceful town of Huesca in Madrid, Spain, was invaded by around 1,000 sheep at around 4am on Tuesday, 7th June. The shepherd had fallen asleep and did not realise that the sheep had escaped. Police officers tracked him down and it took them around 45 minutes to get the herd back into the pen. 


4. Speaking of invasions, some 1,00,000 bats invaded a town in Australia.

It is possible that Bruce Wayne’s cave might have collapsed, but according to news sources the Australian town of Batemans Bay in New South Wales had declared ‘a state of emergency’ after 1,00,000 bats invaded the town that hosts a populous of only 11,000. The grey-headed flying foxes are also listed under ‘vulnerable species’ which leaves the authorities without any options of taking control of the situation.


5. Adidas misspelled Colombia as Columbia in an advertising campaign for Copa America.

There was recent news of the wrong national anthem being played at the Copa America for Uruguay and Chile’s anthem was interrupted by a Pitbull song. So Adidas, who have always claimed that impossible being nothing, thought of being ahead of the game this time as well. And what did they do? They misspelled Colombia’s name in their ad campaigns. Well, to be fair, even typos are not impossible. 


6. Pensioner gets a condolence letter telling him he’s dead.

Madan Lal Kosala, 83, was stunned when he received a letter at his residence in Manchester from the city council telling him that he was no longer eligible for pension because of his own demise. The letter was addressed to his wife and it read: 

“Please accept my condolences. I am sorry to write to you at this difficult time but as the claim for council tax support was in your partner’s name I have cancelled payments from 18th of May.”


7. Naked restaurant in Japan will ban people who are overweight.

Following suit of Bunyadi, the naked restaurant in London, Amrita, the naked restaurant in Tokyo, is all set to open at the end of July. But the owners of the restaurant don’t want to serve customers who are overweight or outside of the age bracket of 18-60. Any customer who is 15 kgs over the average weight for their height will be refused service. So if you go there, don’t fill up too much. You may just end up on the wrong side of the scale.


8. A tank crashed into a disco in Poland. 

A promotional stunt went extremely wrong as a Soviet-era tank crashed into a pub in Warsaw, Poland. Although no one was hurt, there was considerable damage done to the property. The driver of the tank claimed that the brakes and the steering of the tank had failed. That’s not the type of gatecrashing pubs are equipped to handle. 


9. China has made Trump toilet papers which are also wiping butts in the US!

China was clearly angered by Donald Trump’s allegations about Chinese people stealing American jobs. So, manufacturers in China started printing toilet paper with Trump’s face on it. The campaign is called Dump with Trump. From what we hear, the toilet papers are selling well in the US too.


10. Bride spots her mother in her husband’s photo, clicked long before they met.

In a shocking revelation, a Chinese bride – while going through some old photos of her husband, long before the couple met – actually spotted her mother in the background. Her husband, Mr Hedong, was only 14 when the picture was clicked back in 2000. The bride’s mother apparently was also visiting the same spot in Wuxi called the Giant Buddha attraction, at Ling Mountain.


11. Seagull dyed orange after diving into a vat of chicken tikka masala.

A seagull, trying to scavenge for pieces of meat, dived into a vat of chicken tikka masala. He was rescued by the staff and admitted in Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. But upon rescuing, it was discovered that the bird had turned bright orange, which eventually earned him the name of ‘Gullfrazie’. The colour did come off but the staff said the smell refused to go away and the bird smelled extremely delicious. But there is no threat to his life & Gullfrazie will be released from care soon.

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What a bizarre world we live in!