What is the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan ? It is a cleanliness campaign started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, himself. And by himself one means, he literally picked up the broom and got to work.

While many people appreciated the effort, there is always the other side of the picture. On Sunday, October 11, Haryana Minister, Krishan Kumar Bedi, who is the BJP MLA from Shahabad was caught on camera saying ” yaar, Modi kya kya karwayega, ” which meant, ‘ Buddy, what else will Modi make us do.’

The Swacch Bharat a was positive initiative taken by the BJP led government but an online poll, conducted by a social media group, reported by The Times Of India , said that 71% of the people felt that Swacch Bharat has been a failure. Varanasi, which is Modi’s constituency, also failed the Swacch Bharat test .

And the reason is now crystal clear. Most BJP members (Bedi being one of them) don’t really care about the campaign. What’s more, when Bedi joked about Modi, others around were guffawing as well. This kind of lackadaisical attitude clearly exhibits that while politicians want great power, they want nothing to do with the great responsibilities that come along with it.

Catch a glimpse Bedi mocking Modi in this video: