You will never understand how some people make up their minds just like that. How do they do it? Decisions are so…final! You have to weigh out every single thing before you finally zero in on your call (or not). I mean, you can’t just decide to choose one thing over another; what if the other thing was actually better? Ugh!

If you’ve ever felt this way, then this list is just for you. Here’s a bunch of things that only you will understand!

1. Making decisions tires you out.

People don’t even realise how much you have to weigh things in your mind before you come to a conclusion!

2. You know that horrible dread of having missed out on something.

So you finally chose one thing over another. What if it was the better choice? What if you’re missing out on something better?

3. “I’ll take a little more time” is your standard reply to all waiters.

Waiters in a hurry can go spit in their own soups!

4. You hate it when attendants try to help you while you’re shopping because they make it harder for you to decide.

So many options! So many!

5. Sometimes, it’s so hard to make up your mind that you decide on “nothing” instead.

Abstain! N.O.T.A!

6. “Let’s do whatever you want to do!” is your go to trick to avoid having to make plans.

Now they’ll know what it feels like! That’ll teach them!

7. You enjoy visiting places with a limited choices because it means easier decisions.

You have only two kinds of coffee? BRILLIANT!

8. Any brand that advertises itself as “a place with unlimited options” just wants to see you suffer.

Last time it took you five days to decide. This time, it’ll be worse.

9. “Inky pinky ponky” is probably the most useful nursery rhyme you ever learnt as a child.

One small rhyme and the decision is made!

10. You understand the pain of having to go to the supermarket and taking 30 mins to pick up two items.

What cereal should I buy? Which brand should I buy? One big box or two small ones?

11. You actually miss wearing your school uniform because it made your life so much easier.

I know what I have to wear today! The same thing as every day!

12. It’s just easier to let people decide for you – even if the results are not all that great.

At least it was not your decision!

13. Sometimes, it takes you longer for you to decide what you want to eat that it does for you to eat it.

But you can’t help it! The menu is so long!

14. Your love for travelling decreases every time you have to decide where to go.

Mountains or beaches?

15. Your best friend’s idea of a prank is to ask you if you’re sure.

I was, but thanks to you, know I’m not.

All GIFs sourced from tumblr and giphy .