Drinking and driving don’t mix. But many people don’t seem to get this simple fact which unfortunately results in numerous road accidents every day, Numerous measures to raise awareness have failed. And it remains the responsibility of the traffic police to curb this menace, apart from their other duties.  

So, thinking out of the box, a Hyderabad court came up with a new form of punishment: you will have to do a traffic cop’s job to give you an idea of how tough their job is.

On Monday, a total of 100 persons caught for drinking and driving were produced in Third Metropolitan Magistrate Court, where the judge decreed that 31 first-time offenders would have to learn what it is like to be a traffic cop managing the chaotic traffic in Hyderabad, reported The New Indian Express.

So these 31 offenders then got a first hand experience of controlling traffic in the scorching heat for five hours. And hopefully, they’ve learnt their lesson.

Police officials liked this idea saying that it would be memorable one for the offenders. 

(All images sourced from  Facebook/Hyderabad Traffic Police. Courtesy: New Indian Express)