It seems that our parliamentarians don’t much care about extending their support to Delhi government’s desperate attempts to make the odd-even phase two successful. After Transport Minister Gopal Rai on Sunday announced that special ferry buses will be run for parliamentarians from Monday, the initiative has found few takers.

This is what has been our parliamentarians’ response:

Twitter| आशुतोष ‏
Twitter| आशुतोष ‏

BJP MP and Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal who openly flouted the rule with his even numbered personal car on an odd day for which he was fined:

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He, however, apologised later:

Here is his challan:

But there were some who showed us the way:

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And BJP MP Anil Madhav Dave who took the healthy path:

Twitter| Manmohan Reddy

(Feature image source: Twitter| आशुतोष ‏)