Kindness is inborn. You cannot adapt it from your surroundings; you cannot learn it; you cannot fake it. But sometimes certain stories inspire us and bring about a change of heart that we thought was not possible.

One such story, that will restore your faith in the saying “Do good and good things will come to you” is of the former Test cricketer Arun Lal, who played father to local laundryman’s son in Kolkata.

Bikash Chowdhury, 39, now the associate vice president of treasury at JSW Steel, and based in Mumbai, once used to visit Lal’s house everyday to take tuition from his wife Debjani. 

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“I would go every day to study because she would give orange squash.” Chowdhury told The Huffington Post.

It all started four decades ago, when Chowdhary’s father knocked at Lal’s door asking for help in conversational English after his son was admitted to an English medium school. The right-hand batsman, who was playing for the national team, had recently moved to Kolkata.

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The couple took him in and soon grew close enough to prioritise his studies over their own plans. 

As per The Huffington Post reports, Chowdhury grew up on a footpath in Kolkata’s Bhawanipore area. He was 12 years old when Lal’s who didn’t have any children of their own, began helping him with his education.

He graduated in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College and cracked one of the toughest exam in the country to get into IIM, Kolkata. 

b’Former Indian cricketer turned commentator, Arun Lal (C) sits with social activists in support of social activist Anna Hazare in Kolkata on April 7, 2011 / Source: AFP’

In an interview to Singapore weekly Tabla, Lal said “We did something interesting for him at that point, We got him to sit for CAT tutorials so that he would get into the groove of competitive examinations. We said, don’t worry if you fail, just get the experience.”

Choudhary’s first job was with Deutsche Bank, of which he was made the vice president within a year. He also worked for HDFC bank and Crédit Agricole, and the Singaporean multinational DBS bank before joining JWS Steel in June last year, told The Huffington Post.

He has expressed his gratitude by gifting Lal a Mercedes car a few years ago. He also helped them finance a house that they looking to buy.

“One of the most moving moments in our relationship came when we wanted to move from an apartment into a bungalow and did not have enough money to make it happen. One day we received an envelope by courier from Mumbai, opened it to find a demand draft from Bikash for the remaining significant amount.” Lal told Tabla.

b’Source: Twitter’

In his interview with Economic Times, Choudhary recalled how his friends would take him out for movies, or share leftovers with him for dinner and how his classmates and seniors in IIM helped him in studies, particularly mathematics that he initially struggled with.

Despite adding numerous feathers to his cap, he remains grounded and grateful.

He believes in good Karma and tries to give back what he has received by feeding stray dogs, planting trees and helping people who are visually challenged, told The Huffington Post.

This heart-warming tale evokes compassion and restores one’s belief in humanity. If this does not motivate you to be a better person, we seriously wonder what will!