Custodians of ‘Indian culture’ are at it again, this time in Rajasthan. 

The chairperson of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women, Suman Sharma, has advised young girls against visiting pubs and consuming alcohol in order to stay safe, reported The Times Of India.

Sharma gave this response when asked about the deteriorating law and order in the state when she argued that the police or the administration cannot be held responsible for everything. 

Referring to the recent case of a 22-year-old girl being abducted and molested, she said that both girls and boys should themselves be conscious of their security and behaviour.

The incident happened late on Thursday night, when the victim and her two friends were out alone, returning from a pub late in the night inebriated and had got into a vehicle mistaking it for a cab. 

Seeing an opportunity, driver of the car pretended to have a flat tyre to get two of the girls out of the car. He then drove away with the victim and tried to rape her.  But after a failed rape attempt, he tried to strangulate her and left her on the roadside. Later a police patrol team noticed her friends and helped them out. 

Sharma told TOI, “Everybody should be conscious about their behavior and security. There’s no point in blaming the police for that. The police, in fact, did a good job by not only helping them but also by nabbing the culprit, when the victims themselves did not want to file a FIR.”