A blast that rocked the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, 3 days ago caused loss of life and property, which have left the city reeling.

Hundreds of people died in the disaster and another thousand were left homeless due to its effects. But even though the damages are deep, the city is showing amazing resilience in coming back to its feet.

These pictures are proof of the same.

These are local activists and volunteers taking up the task of cleaning the city themselves, as there was no such initiative undertaken by the government. 

Beirut clean up drive
Source: Gulf News
lebanon cleanup drive
Source: Gulf News
beirut volunteers
Source: Gulf News
Lebanon clean up drive
Source: Gulf News

The blast affected every property that fell in its way and obviously then, the debris was all over. Keeping the situation in mind, these young Lebanese decided to fix that themselves.

Some shared by the volunteers and some by others, the pictures of the cleanup process are now doing rounds on social media and one can see the humongous task that has been undertaken by Lebanese youth.

Apart from this, they have also been providing aid to affected people. Meanwhile, families in neighbouring towns have opened their homes to anyone who doesn't know where to go. 

As of now, it is being said that it may take 2-3 months for people to go back to their houses in the most severely affected areas. Here's hoping that the spirit of Beirut makes the wait bearable.