A day after a man drowned and died after he jumped into a river allegedly fearing ‘gau-rakshaks’ comes a heart-rending story of another man who also lost his life over a cow – only that in this case, he was trying to save the animal. 

The incident took place in Silwani, Raisen, in Madhya Pradesh where a man named Raju Jogi spotted a drowning cow and dived in the river to save it. The cow was saved after tying it with a rope but unfortunately Raju was swept away by the  strong currents of the river, reported ABP News.

That surely is something commendable, but the extremely shameful part here is that while there were several bystanders near the river watching the whole spectacle, no one actually came forward to help Raju. Not only that, they even went on to film the entire incident on their cameras and watched him die instead of helping him. 

Administration officials reached the spot after half an hour. Divers took four hours to recover the man’s body. 

It has now been sent for post-mortem.