Pandemic has changed everything. Many of us are working from home. While it may be comforting for some, it has its cons. We lack a lot of physical activity, and it has impacted our health. To tackle this, an Indian firm called Zerodha has a solution for us.  

This finance company is offering perks to its employees to stay healthy and maintain a work-life- balance. Wait, there is more to it. 


Recently, Nithin Kamath, the CEO of the company, launched a 12-month ‘get-healthy goal’ programme to motivate its employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  

The programme motivates the employees to maintain a healthy life, and in return, the company, along with a 1-month salary, will have a lucky draw where the winner will get a reward worth Rs 10 lakhs.

The spuzz

Sharing the news on Twitter, he talked about how the pandemic has impacted the workforce environment and how this program will help them. 

While it’s true, the initiative will motivate employees to have better mental and physical health. 

The post has also gone viral. Many people are appreciating the effort of the company.

We hope this brings change and encourages employees to focus on their health as well.