Due to the ongoing lockdown, long queues in front of liquor shops have become a matter of concern because social distancing norms are going for a toss. 


But, there is someone who wants to start home delivery of liquor so that people avoid standing in long queues. 

According to an exclusive report by Reuters, after seeing the high demand for liquor, food delivery app, Zomato wants to start delivering alcohol at your doorstep. 

After adding groceries to their list, Zomato aims to deliver alcohol as it doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of making a few extra bucks, knowing that there is high demand for liquor due to the lockdown.


Currently, there is no legal provision in place for home deliveries of booze in our country and this is something that the International Spirits and Wines Association of India is trying to change with the help of Zomato and others. 

In a business proposal to ISWAI, Mohit Gupta, Zomato’s CEO for food delivery said: 

We believe that a technology-enabled home delivery based solution can promote responsible consumption of alcohol. 

Gupta further states that Zomato will try to target those areas that are less affected by coronavirus. 


You see, alcohol generates a lot of revenue so the home delivery system will also help in boosting state revenues hit by the lockdown. 

And, since stepping out and standing in long queues may expose you to the virus this seems like a viable option. 


However, talks are still going on and a decision is yet to be made. 

Do you think home delivery of alcohol should be permitted?