One of the many concerns during this worldwide coronavirus lockdown has been the effect on animals. Our strays aren’t getting the amount of food they need, and world over, there are worries that this might have an impact on the lives of many animals.

To that end, 3 zookeepers of Paradise Park in Cornwall, have self-isolated on the grounds of the wildlife sanctuary to make sure the animals there are taken care of.

There are 1200 birds and mammals in the park, so the zookeepers have moved into a house on-site to give them round the clock care. Other keepers will be working part-time.

Considering they will be leaving their families for over 3 months, it’s no small sacrifice. Their passion for these animals is truly laudable.

Let’s hope the animals don’t have it too bad during the lockdown, and it’s important to remember that humans aren’t the only ones suffering.