Neymar became the most expensive footballer ever on Thursday when he signed a five-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain for a world-record fee of 222 mn euros (£200 mn) to his former club Barcelona. The Brazilian footballer will be earning an estimated 30 million euros (USD 35.5 million) a year.

After securing his transfer, the forward took to Instagram to share a heartfelt video message to bid goodbye to his previous club Barcelona and his former teammates, including Lionel Messi. The footballer also explained why he decided to leave the Spanish club.

Here's the full transcript of Neymar's farewell message.

“I prepared a text here for today.”

“The life of an athlete is made by challenges. Some are given to us. Others are fruits of our own decisions to keep the light that illuminates our career, which is intense, but short.

“Barcelona was much more than a challenge, it was the dream of a child who played with those stars through the video game.

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“I arrived at Catalonia when I was 21 years old, filled with challenges.

“I remember my first days in the club, sharing the dressing room with idols like Messi, Valdés, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, Busquets and others with the expectation of playing in a club that is ‘more than a club’.

“Barcelona is a club that represents Catalonia!

“I had the honour of playing with the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m sure I will not see another better, Messi became my partner, friend on and off the pitch. Proud to play with you.

“I formed an attack with Messi and Luis Suarez that is left for the story. I have conquered everything an athlete can conquer.

La vida de un deportista se mueve por desafíos. Algunos son impuestos, otros son fruto de nuestras decisiones. El Barcelona ha sido más que un desafío. Jugaba con aquellos cracks en el video juego. Llegué a Catalunya a los 21 años, lleno de desafíos. Recuerdo mis primeros días en el Club, compartiendo el vestuario con ídolos como Messi, Valdés, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, Busquets y otros con la expectativa de jugar en un Club que es “més que un club”. El @fcbarcelona es una nación que representa a Catalunya! Tuve el honor de actuar con el mayor atleta que he visto en mi vida y estoy seguro que no veré a otro mejor, @leomessi se convirtió en mi compañero, amigo dentro y fuera del terreno de juego. Orgulloso de jugar contigo. Formé un ataque con @leomessi y @luissuarez9 que ha quedado para la historia. He conquistado todo lo que un deportista puede conquistar. He vivido momentos inolvidables! Vivo en una ciudad que es más que una ciudad, es una patria. Amo Barcelona y Catalunya. Pero un deportista (YO) necesita desafíos. Y por segunda vez en mi vida le llevaré la contraria a mi papa. Papa, entiendo y respeto tu opinión, pero mi decisión está tomada, te pido que me apoyes como siempre lo has hecho. El @fcbarcelona y Catalunya estarán siempre en mi corazón pero necesito nuevos desafíos. He aceptado la propuesta del @psg para buscar nuevas conquistas y ayudar al Club a alcanzar los títulos que la afición espera. Me han presentado un plan de carrera osado y me veo preparado para este desafío. Agradezco el cariño de la afición blaugrana y todo lo que he aprendido con los deportistas con quien he compartido vestuario. Asimismo siento en mi corazón que ha llegado el momento de irme. El @psg será mi nueva casa durante los próximos años y trabajaré para hacer honor a la confianza que depositan en mi futbol. Cuento mucho con el apoyo de todos. Aficionados, de mis amigos, de los profesionales que me acompañan y de mi familia, que ha sufrido mucho con problemas que han ocurrido en este periodo de mi carrera y merecen paz. Es una decisión difícil, pero tomada con la madurez de mis 25 años. @fcbarcelona , gràcies per tot! @psg , J'arrive! Que Dios nos bendiga y nos proteja!

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“I have lived unforgettable moments! I live in a city that is more than a city, it is a homeland. I love Barcelona and Catalunya.

“But an athlete needs challenges. And for the second time in my life I will take the opposite of my father.

“Barcelona and Catalunya will always be in my heart but I need new challenges.

“I have accepted the proposal of PSG to find new achievements and help the club achieve the titles that the fans expect. I have presented a daring career plan and I am prepared for this challenge.

Source: b'Neymar. Reuters.\xc2\xa0'

“I thank the affection of the Blaugrana fans and all that I have learned from the athletes with whom I have shared a dressing room.

“I also feel in my heart that the time has come to leave. PSG will be my new home for the next few years and I will work to honour the trust they place in my football.

“I count on the support of all. Fans, my friends, the professionals who accompany me and my family, who have suffered a lot with problems that have occurred in this period of my career and deserve peace.

“It is a difficult decision, but taken with the maturity of my 25 years.

“May God bless and protect us!”

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