India is no stranger to matrimonial advertisements. However, the most recent ad doing the rounds of social media is as shocking as it is strange. 

A Twitter user has uploaded the photo of a matrimonial ad where a 37-year-old man is reportedly seeking a wife who has to aspirational but  'strictly younger than 26 years'. And this not even the most absurd part. 

The ad continues with the statement that the girl absolutely has to be a 'non-feminist'.

Source: Twitter

Although we can not verify the source of the image, the content is problematic, to say the least. 

The people on Twitter called out the post and apparently even contacted the person on the email shared, only to receive highly disturbing responses. 

The alleged reply that the man posted in response to the aforementioned mail was intimidating to say the least. 

(The image below contains graphic language. To view the reply, click the image to flip it.)