North Korea is in a state of horror.

It’s the world’s most regressive regime, the darkest place known to humanity.

The baffling details of reality that linger in the shadows of barbaric oppression came out in the open thanks to one brave young woman, Yeonmi Park.

She shared her harrowing story after miraculously managing to escape from her dangerous homeland. Park took to a global platform, One Young World Summit, to spread awareness about the unimaginable conditions of her country.

She began by revealing that the Internet is banned in North Korea. So is any form of entertainment or information. No books, no music, no phone calls.

She reveals many more mind-numbing facts about citizens living in the terror of brutal dictatorship every breathing second.

Yeonmi is now a known activist who travels around the world to fight for the freedom of her people. She risked her life as a child and faces death threats even today.

But her mission to expose North Korea and its evil propaganda to the rest of the world is rapidly gaining attention and creating much-needed hype and urgency around the matter.

Her breaking voice and shaking words are testament to the shocking atrocities she has witnessed. Make sure you listen to her.

We hope Yeonmi Park can return to her country one day when it has changed for the better.