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Jan 11, 2018 at 14:47

An Online Store Owner Travelled 850 KMs To Beat Up Customer For A Bad Review. WTF?

by Akancha Miharia

In a bizarre incident in China, an online shop owner travelled almost 530 miles (just over 850 kilometres) just to teach a customer 'a lesson' for complaining about his services.

Source: YouTube


According to the Zhengzhou Evening Post, on December 20, Xiao Die purchased 300 yuan worth of clothes, from Alibaba's Taobao. When the clothes were not dispatched even after 3 days, she filed a complaint to Taobao.

Source: YouTube


As a result of the complaint, the store owner Mr. Zhang lost 12 points. Apparently, enraged by this, he started sending Xiao threatening messages.

On 27th December, he travelled over 530 miles to 'teach Xiao a lesson'. The assault took place at a delivery pickup point in Zhengzhou.

Source: YouTube


She was hit in the face and body, and pushed onto the floor, also suffering a concussion. Her left elbow was fractured as a result of the attack.

Source: YouTube


The incident was recorded on a nearby surveillance camera. A man can be seen observing the incident closely, but not doing anything to help the woman.

By 6th January, the police had tracked the man down and brought him back to Zhengzhou to arrest him.

Source: YouTube


Mr. Zhang received a 10-day detention and his online shop account was deleted by Taobao after the incident.

The video shows how Mr. Zhang suddenly came and assaulted an unsuspecting Xiao Die.


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